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Significance consultants work closely with traditional school districts, community schools, sponsors, and management companies. Our approach is to research, analyze, and implement best practices to develop results driven expectations for our clients.  Our core areas of expertise:


  • Education Performance

  • Leadership Performance

  • Staff Development

  • Board Governance

  • Parent Community Civic Engagement 

  • Sponsor/Charter School Consulting

  • Strategic Planning

  • Program Initiatives

Educational Services 


Education Performance


  • Culture and Diversity

  • Value Added Leadership Training 

  • Education coaching for high performance

  • School Strategy Management

  • Urban Education Specialists

  • Common Core

  • Curriculum Mapping

  • SIGs

  • Title I

  • Building Leadership Team Monitoring

  • Teacher Based Team Monitoring

  • Race to the Top Consulting

  • OIP Consulting


Leadership Performance


  • Leadership and management training for high performing schools

  • Coaching for High Performing/Self-Directed management teams 

  • Administrator Leadership Training

  • Problem solving strategies for programmatic deficits

  • Staff retention, hiring and selection

Staff Development


  • Teacher Coaching

  • Instructional Strategies

  • Common Core

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • Classroom Management

  • Team Building

  • Staff Retreats

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Urban Education Strategies



Board Governance


  • Governance Training 

  • Retreat Facilitation 

  • Board Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Guiding Principles Training


Strategic Planning


  • Mission/Vision/Values

  • Goal Setting


Parent/Family/Civic Engagement


  • Parent/Student empowerment workshops

  • Parent Liaison Training

  • Building effective school, home, and community relationships

  • Linking district leadership with community partnerships to increase school performance

  • Fostering strategic alliances with district administration and key stakeholders

  • Sourcing unique service providers based on district needs

  • Building business within public school districts

  • Parent Engagement Consulting


Sponsor/Charter School Consulting


  • Start-up Charter Development

  • Charter School Expansion (State and National)

  • Start-up Sponsor Development

  • Sponsorship Expansion (State and National)

  • State Compliance Technical Support

  • Policy and District Standards Oversight


 Program Initiatives


  • After school  tutorial/enrichment programs

  • College Readiness

  • Workforce Development

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